Wild Harmony - basics

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Wild Harmony - basics

Post by Lost Strider on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:21 pm

Hey, Initiate! We are glad to welcome you among us. Wild Harmony is a social/casual guild in Guild Wars 2 MMO, which you probably know by now. It was created by three people and so there are three Guild Masters: Hakke, the Harmonic Lord. Jean, the Wild Earl. And, lastly, Lost Strider.
These three nerds are trying to keep this guild running, as hard as it may get.

Guild is divided into two fractions, as it's name indcates. Choosing a side is optional and rather cosmetic - but we recommend to do so, just to get immersed into community. There are three ranks in every path and they're displayed in detail in another topic.

We plan to casually RPG some rituals of acceptance into fraction and promotion parties, but it's of course also optional and volunteerly. You can justify your decision as you please: some will be wild for wearing different color socks, some will set cars on fire. We don't judge.

Despite the eventual differences between Wilds and Harmonies, we will try to do activities as a whole Guild (nobody forbids competing within our ranks for fun tho), slowly gather resources for Guild Hall and maybe advance in some PvPing. We are open to suggetions and initiatives (wink wink).

But, what's most important, we are having fun, getting to know each other and play a game we like. Enjoy!
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