Path of the Harmony

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Path of the Harmony

Post by Hakke on Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:54 pm

What is Harmony? Hamorny isn't about being better or worse, Harmony isn't about being the Good or the Bad, about light or darkness. We're all part of a greater cycle which we cannot control or manipulate...

Yeah, yeah. Enought of the smart talk. If you have intelectual indolence greater than a potato you can see that there are two main patterns in our guilds ranking system: Harmonic and Wild, and we represent the harmonic part.

Now a little bit more about ranks, there are three of them:
1) Harmonic Squire - member rank
Harmonic Squire is a person who responsibly chose to represent harmony to the world and... stuff... As a squire you're one of us.
2) Harmonic Knight - veteran rank
Harmonic Knight spent some time with his harmonical folks and began understanding the universe. You've shown us your loyalty and you are appreciated for that.
3) Harmonic Duke - officer rank
Every Harmonic Duke can call himself my right hand. Whoever made it to this rank shown that he/she is hopelessly dedicated for the guild and is commonly known as an importand person.

Down with savage wildlings! (no pressure though, some of them are fine).

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